Wednesday’s Whatevers: Issue #9

Another week, another Wednesday. In which camp are you … the week is half over or there’s still half a week to go until Saturday? Either way, I’m glad you’re taking a few minutes to read this weekly feature where I share a collection of links to ideas on for being stylish, having fun, and celebrating the moment in an “it’s all Fine, Whatever tickles the fancy” manner.  In following with the format of the categories on the blog (see them here), for your reading pleasure I now present;

Whatever Hooks The Look

The theme for the Fine-Whatever link up for this coming Saturday (which is the first one of the month) is Floral. If you are like me, then you also love florals and wear them all year long. Here are a few previous floral themed posts.

FWE - powers the flower 030316-7

Ocean Views

FWE - ptf 040716-2

Nautical Floral

FWE - floral 1-1

Powers The Flower

Whatever Hustles The Muscle

We all know that fitness is important for feeling good and being healthy. Have you heard the saying that “sitting is the new smoking”? Sometimes, all you have to do is just move and stretch a bit.

flat butts

Feeling Your Butt Flatten as You Sit – Cosmopolitan Magazine

office yoga

The Stretch Sequence Every Office Worker Needs – Fitness Magazine

tone abs in bed

4 Ways to Tone Your Abs In Bed

Whatever Props The Shop

Even though the days of the seasonally published mail-order catalogs are long gone, I can still get some of the same “oh, goody!” glee when I get one of those nicely composed promotional mailers like the one I got from Loft yesterday. Did you get it as well? If not, then you missed these potential additions to your closet.

Whatever Skates The Plate

Have you heard of Hungry Girl? If not, you can read about her here, and then set aside an hour or two to explore the rest of Lisa’s website. To make up for last week’s indulgences and to wet your appetite for more of the HG recipes, here’s a few of them I’m planning to try. Yum!!!

zucchini noodle

Go Greek Cucumber-Noodle Salad – Hungry Girl

healthy guac

Tropical Guacamole – Hungry Girl

healthy fudge

Clean & Hungry Coconut Chocolate Fudge – Hungry Girl


Whatever Spins The Grin

Let’s end things this wonderful Wednesday with a reminder that today is the 31st (single scoops at Baskin Robbins are $1.31) and a bit of entertainment courtesy of America’s Got Talent and YouTube.


Tape Face

kid comedian

Girl Stand-Up Comedian


Married Acrobats


Those are the whatevers for this week, which one was your favorite?


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