Wednesday’s Whatevers – Issue #2

Last week I launched Wednesday’s Whatevers, a link collection feature with ideas on how to be stylish, have fun, and celebrate the moment in a “it’s all Fine, Whatever tickles the fancy” manner. It got a fairly good response so I’ll stick with it. In following the format of the categories on the blog (see them here), for your reading pleasure I now present;

Whatever Hooks The Look

Even though I’ve been known to score some great bargains while shopping, I’m fairly new to thrifting. It’s still only a hobby for me, not a primary source for my wardrobe but I’ve scored some pretty good finds recently but sometimes I’m tempted to buy something just because it’s so cheap. If you’re like me in this, you’ll find Suzanne Carillo’s tips for thrift shopping helpful in assessing the worthiness of any purchase. I’ve shared some of my thrifted finds in these past posts.

Boutique Shopping, Goodwill Prices

Boutique Shopping, Goodwill Prices

Boho Florals

Boho Florals

Boho Florals - Part 2

Boho Florals – Part 2

Whatever Hustles The Muscle

Since the new gym I joined back in March is now opened, I’m getting back into the routine of working out. As I do so, I’m trying to be mindful of these pitfalls.

gym pic

7 Exercises That Are Wasting Your Time – Fitness Magazine


5 Reasons Your Motivation Is Missing – Shape Magazine


5 Moves To Help Prevent Knee Pain – Self Magazine

Whatever Props The Shop

Wandered into a Clarks store last weekend and spied several styles that I really liked. These are ones at the top of my wish list.

Whatever Skates The Plate

I haven’t made any of these myself but they look very tasty.

Bacon-Wrapped, Guacamole-Stuffed Chicken - Proper Tasty (Youtube)

Bacon-Wrapped, Guacamole-Stuffed Chicken – Proper Tasty (Youtube)

Bruschetta Chicken Pasta -

Bruschetta Chicken Pasta –

Eggplant Pizza - Tip Hero

Eggplant Pizza – Tip Hero



Whatever Spins The Grins

I came across some interesting tidbits of information this past week, and because I like you, I’m going to share. Have you heard of fingermouthing (it’s not a sex thing) or did you know that Christian Louboutin likes flea markets or Pokemon GO? Me neither until I read these articles.

Fingermouthing Is The New Duck Face - Allure Magazine

Fingermouthing Is The New Duck Face – Allure Magazine

Shopping At The Rose Bowl Flea Market With Christian Louboutin - L A Times

Shopping At The Rose Bowl Flea Market With Christian Louboutin — L A Times

Pokemon GO Tips & Tricks -

Pokemon GO Tips & Tricks: how to catch ’em all –


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7 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Whatevers – Issue #2

  1. I had no idea about finger mouthing. Good grief. Everything has a name now.

    Clarks are one of my all time favourite comfy shoes. I own four pairs that are my go-to’s.

    Thanks for linking to me : ) I knew I couldn’t be the only one being swayed by the unbelievable thrifting deals and then ending up with items that don’t always suit me. STOP is going to be my mantra now.


  2. Hey! I have one pair of clarks heels that are the only leopard print item I own and I love them! I have thrifted before but right now, at this point in my life, I don’t want to wear someone else’s clothes. I’m sure that will change as I’m always changing! And I will def have to try the eggplant pizza for my gluten free relatives. Thanks!


  3. Great post, Rena! I need to check out Suzanne’s tips for thrifting. I am really getting into thrifting lately and have a tendency to buy something that I may not wear just because it’s unique and different and super cheap. My local Salvation Army has Family Day every Wednesday which is usually 1/2 off almost everything. I also need to wait until Wednesday even when the thrifting bug gets me!


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